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Number transfer

If you want to get rid of your high monthly payments, but you want to keep your well known phone number in addition, then use our transfer options.

Carry over your phone number to us and enjoy the propitious minute rates and services provided by us.

Number transfering process:

Customer with active service can initiate the phone number transfer if the customer is entitled to carry the phone number, so the customer has a valid contract with the current carrier. This means that there’s a valid contract with subscriber’s name for the phone number. Number transfer can be initiated the first time 30 days after the initiation of the service for that number.

The transfer occurs in a so-called transfer time window. The transfer time window is a four hour long time range, in which the service of the current provider is terminated during the transfer and the service of the new provider begins, furthermore the service of one of the subscriber access point stops and the other one begins to work. During this period the service will be suspended.

The law records the starting date of the transfer time windows: 18.00 on weekdays. The client will be notified by e-mail 2-3 days before the transfer date.

We can only initiate a number transfer for you when you have already settled all your payment commitments towards your current provider, you have no overdue debts at the moment of transfer, and you have no valid statment of loyalty binding you to your current provider. The transmitter provider can deny the request for number transfer if the subscriber has monetary debts or other contract obligations not assumed by the recipient provider, or if the subscriber requesting the file transfer cannot be positively identified by the required documents, or if less than 30 days elapsed since the launching of the service for the requesting subscriber.


After the transfer all other service is terminated on the client’s phone line. This applies to all ADSL service, which operated with the existing phone line. As a result, the internet service combined with the previous telephone service can be terminated.

All phone numbers belong to one subscription can be only carried altogether. This means that in case of analog line the subscription with one phone number can be carried without any noticable problems. However, in case of an ISDN subscription with more than one numbers, in most cases the subscribers are not fully informed about. In the latter case, the client should definitely give the control code and the phone number, otherwise the carriage will be completed unsuccessfully.

Transfer is a subsect to fees service. For more detailed description check the 9. point of the prevailing Terms and Conditions.