Dual-Plus Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

Tel.:(40)104-670, (48)778-899, (46)778-899


Dual-Plus Ltd.  and its predecessor have been carrying landline telecommunication services from 1987. The service offering of the business managed by Kazincbarcika based owners are getting rapidly expanded. Our service areas are based on modern star network topology systems in 100 %. Most of the settlements in the cable TV service areas are connected by our own, self-manufactured advanced fiber optic network. In addition to the analog cable TV, digital television, internet, and phone (VOIP) services are available. Our firm was among the first companies in the country to service digital television on our networks after the launch back in 2000.

By introducing DOCSIS 3.0 internet services we have advanced extremely high bandwidth internet packages to offer. The technology was introduced by using Aris modems, Gigabit Cisco router and Casa3200 CMTS, IBM redundant server.

This modern technology allows interactive entertainment for our subscribers, which we’d like to wish to have a nice time.