Dual-Plus Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.

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In what ways can I settle my accounts?
  • By cheque:
    an ordinary yellow cheque is sent by Dual-Plus Kft. through mail.
  • By ordinary bank transfer: please indicate the personal data of the subscriber (contract number, name and address of the subscriber) so that we can identify your transfer.
  • Periodic transfer order: you order your bank to trasnfer an amount of payment defined by you at a monthly date defined by you to the account of Dual-Plus Kft. The bill will be sent to the client through mail by Dual-Plus Kft.
  • Grouped collection order: (only available at OTP Bank Nyrt.) you order your bank to let Dual-Plus Kft. to try and collect the current monthly fee directly from your account at defined periods. The bill will be sent to the client through mail by Dual-Plus Kft.
  • Settlement at our customer service office: our clients have the option to settle their accounts charged by monthly and other fees with cash at the cash register of our customer service office.
  • Settlement through fee collector: our fee collector will personally visit you monthly, through whom you can settle your current fees on the spot with cash. (This method of payment is not available in all of our service areas.)
If you want to change your method of payment or have questions about account settlement, call our customer service office, where our colleagues will readily help with your request.
Is my personal data safe?
In general, all computers connected to the internet are potential victims for unwanted guests. It is fundamentally important to present attackers as small a vulnerable area as possible.
  • Before you start to use a software, look up what others say about it on the internet.
  • Always use a firewall software.


What kind of mailing protocols are there, and what are they good for?
The most widely known protocols, supported by almost all mailing softwares:
  • SMTP – message sending protocol. We can send our messages using this service.
  • POP3 – message recieving protocol. Using POP3, we download our messages from the mailing server to our workstation. Unless we set it up otherwise, the messages will be deleted on the server automatically. This service is usually utilized by users working on solely one workstation.
  • IMAP4 – message recieving protocol. Using IMAP4, we store our messages on the mailing server; the folders we see on the workstation are stored on the server. It has tha adventage that the software that we download the messages with and the workstation whta we download them to are both optional; we don’t have to worry about archiving our messages on the worksation. It has the disadvantage that using it, we can easily exceed the storage space provided to us.


I would like to use the internet service on multiple computers. Is that possible? If so, how?
  • Yes, the service is accessible on multiple computers at the same time. To be able to do this, you need to have a router, which is obtainable in any store specialized in informatics. Our colleagues may not be able to help you in configuring the router, as the device comes in many varieties. In installing the hardware, ask for help in the store you bought it, or consult the user manual sold with the device.


What should I do if I cannot connect to the internet?
  • If you cannot connect to the internet, turn off the modem as a first step, along with the router if you are using one. After waiting a few seconds, turn back on the modem first, then the router. If you still cannot connect to the internet, we advise you to call our colleagues on one of the phone numbers we provided you.


Can I require an IP address?
  • Yes, we provide IP addresses. Call for our offer at customer service.


Can I connect my television set to the internet connection point?
  • No. Only devices with the appropriate design parameters can be connected to the internet through a modem. It is prohibited to connect a television set to such a point. If you aim to connect you TV set to the internet, we advise you to use a router to do so.